Pantera  pan' ter a  (noun)
1) pantheress, female panther  
2) slinky, sexy, highly prized, highly sought-after and strived-for automobile   
3) slinky, sexy, highly prized, highly sought-after and strived-for Kat Woman. (see also: Joni Montgomery) 

The Birth of Kat Woman

Hello. My name is Joni Montgomery, and I am Pantera...or should I say that she is me? I am 44 years old, and have red hair (feisty disposition) and brown eyes. I am currently residing in Panama City, Florida, where I am surrounded by both forests and white sugar-sand beaches. Pantera is the embodiment of all the best parts of passions, if you will. My online nick and alter-ego is Katwoman, based in part on Catwoman of DC Comics. I adore everything feline, and have been told that I have many feline qualities. I consider that very high praise indeed! I love the outdoors, and nature in all of its many forms. I adore camping and fishing, nature hikes, and moonlit walks on the beach. Indoor interests include reading, role playing games, cross-stitch and handcrafts, and my computer. I feel things deeply, and in order to express my feelings I write poetry. I have been writing since a very young age, but my personal style did not evolve until junior/senior high school. I am currently employed in the accounting department of Smurfit-Stone Container, the paper mill here in town. I have built these sites with deep love, and birthed them slowly during long, sleepless nights. I hope you enjoy your visit, and will return again and again.