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To save graphics:
A) Right click on the graphic desired.
B) Select "Save As".
C) Download graphic.
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1) Personal Websites are those that do not conduct any type of commerce on their site. They are strictly creative expressions of their owners.
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1) Please refer to the Pricing Guide for terms of purchase.
A link back to this site is required for the use of these graphics.
1) You may use your choice of the graphical links from the bottom of this page. They may be resized if necessary, but may not otherwise be changed, recolored, or altered in any way.
2) Complete background sets are provided with a matching credits button to be used for this purpose.
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4) If you do not link to this site, you MAY NOT use these graphics.
E-mail DragonRider Designs with the URL of the site in which you intend to use the graphics.
1) Although this is not a requirement for use, it is greatly appreciated. Sometimes great ideas for new designs arise from seeing how something already created is used.

If you do not agree to abide with the above policies, you MAY NOT use DragonRider Designs graphics.

You MUST use one of the following graphics links if you use DRD graphics,
unless you use the matching credit logo included with the complete sets.
You MUST link the graphic to:
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