As Dragon Assistant Leader, I spend my days surrounded by Dragons that I cherish, but what about those
'Forgotten Dragons'?
I am speaking of the shame of homeless Dragons..

I decided to populate a special place, safe from misguided knights, where Dragons may live, grow, and thrive in peace.
In exchange for this safe haven, I was determined to ask only for friendship and some website guardian services.
Thus began my search for the perfect Dragon home for homeless Dragons..

I sent the call out to my friend, companion, and faithful steed Tar'zath, a crusty old Dragon with somewhat scattered memories, and yet a true and kind heart. I soon heard the rushing of his wings, and felt the winds of  his landing. Together we took to the skies in search of the perfect Dragon home. After several months of searching, and Tar'zath's repeated mumblings about missing his nice, warm cavern, we finally chanced upon a beautiful, secluded, and remote site of rugged mountains overlooking a broad, windswept valley covered with lush forests at the north end. Tar'zath's great bulk alighted with surprising grace on a narrow ledge high up the mountain's craggy side. I leapt from the back of my friend to explore what we had found. Eureka! The mountainside was riddled with warm, dry caverns stretching deep into the mountain's bowels. Lofty tunnels rambled, mazelike, the length and breadth of this amazing place, connecting cavern after cavern. 'Twas indeed a Dragon's paradise!  Satisfied with our find, we noted it's location, and named the wondrous place Shezer'asta, after Tar'zath's long dead mate.

Another few months were spent preparing the caverns and filling the surrounding land with suitable Dragon snacks. 
At last the Great Day arrived! 
Tar'zath and I once more left our comfortable Weyr and began our search for the homeless, lost, or lonely Dragons we would gather into Shezer'asta and build into a warm community of friends.

Would you like to tour Shezer'asta, and meet the family we have gathered? Come then, join me upon Tar'zath's broad back, get comfortable, and let us be off!  

We settle gracefully upon a broad, stony ledge. DragonRider turns to you and says, "Do you like our new landing area? This has been scratched and dug out of the mountainside to provide easy access to our Reception area. It is also handy for adolescents, who have a large wingspan, but not much landing style yet!" Laughing, DragonRider guides you inside, and gestures that Tar'zath may leave.

Immediately, an orange, furry body with wings catapults into DragonRider's arms. Excited mewlings and rowrs fill the air as the creature speaks to DragonRider rapidly and with great animation. "Yes, sweet one, I missed you, too!", DragonRider exclaims happily as she scratches the ears and chin of this feline-looking ball of fur with wings, "And it has, indeed been a week since I was last here...But, look, dearest, I have brought a visitor!" At that, the great, bright eyes of the creature turn to you as if seeing you for the first time. The creature leaps out of DragonRider's arms and glides to a dignified landing on the floor of the Cavern. It begins to nonchalantly groom its fur, as if the emotional scene of the previous moments had never occurred. Satisfied that you now know she is a being of great importance and dignity, she raises her face to you, and makes an inquiring noise. "This, friend, is Belle, a peach Moon Cat from Dragon Moon. She is my personal confidant and friend, as well as the greatest huntress at Shezer'asta! She had been adopted, and then abandoned again by her new parents. It causes her to become nervous when I am away for too long. Although, why anyone would abandon this sweet lady, I have no idea! Regardless, I found her to be so good for Shezer'asta, and myself personally, that I have adopted several more of the abandoned orphans, and they not only keep down the rodent and vermin population, but they are some of the finest companions one could wish for! We are on the waiting list for several more Moon Cats, and I hope some day to breed our own population of the sweet creatures." Belle preens herself at the praise, although a quick shadow passes across her expression at the mention of her abandonment. Having hidden her hurt rapidly, she regains her sweet expression, and deigns to let you pet her soft, silky fur. Satisfied that you are no threat to her friend, she winds herself sinuously around DragonRider's legs and makes the short leap into her arms.

"Shall we show the visitor around, dear one?", DragonRider asks of Belle, and the assent is given with a hearty meow.

In the large cavern referred to as the Reception area there are, at first,  no Dragons to be seen. A scuffling, scratching noise near the rear of the cavern reveals that someone, or something, is here to greet us. DragonRider calls a friendly greeting and is rewarded with a large cloud of smoke drifting outwards from the area in which the noises you had heard earlier originated. Emerging from the cloud is a stunning greenish/gold Dragon with a sweet expression on her face. Catching sight of DragonRider, she glides gracefully forward, quickly engulfing the petite lady with excitement and closing a wing protectively around her friend. DragonRider reaches as high as possible, and the gold dragon lowers her neck for a fierce hug.

"May I present to you my first foundling, and a dear Dragon who keeps this refuge peaceful and organized? This, friend, is Sha'cinda. Her brother is Mer'landon, and he guards  Shezer'asta with great skill. He is fierce, and well skilled at battle when necessary, though he often appears silly and frivolous, thanks to the pranks he loves to pull! Don't be fooled... and do not even think about annoying his sister!"



DragonRider further explains, "Sha'cinda came to me from Downloadable Dragons, along with her brother Mer'landon, as a sweet young lady. Her fierce loyalty, once she had a home of her own, makes me wonder why no one had adopted her sooner. She has become rather the mother figure to all the newcomers, and helps to settle them in. She has a gentle disposition, and a longsuffering temperament, which serves her in good stead when living with her prankster brother. Mer'landon is constantly playing tricks on her.. and then sweet-talking himself out of trouble. He is happy-go-lucky, with a roguish grin and a silver tongue. However, he will gladly tear apart anyone who threatens Shezer'asta, offends his sister, or mistreats her in any way."

Turning back to Sha'cinda, DragonRider speaks to her a bit in a fluid, yet harsh, tongue. With a quick bow of her great head, Sha'cinda turns to retrieve a brown, lumpy, leather sack, which she then hands to DragonRider.  With a beguiling smile, and a flourish of wings, Sha'cinda retreats once again to the further side of the great cavern. An ear-splitting screech is heard, and Sha'cinda rushes out of the cavern, a cloud of worried smoke swirling about her.

Shaking her head and laughing at Sha'cinda's retreating figure, DragonRider works the well-worn bag open and pours out a handful
 of beautiful, crystalline gems.
"These gems will get you to the various caverns of Shezer'asta, so you may meet the other Dragons we have in residence here.
Each cavern houses either a single Dragon, or a related family group, such as Sha'cinda and Mer'landon.
Do NOT misplace the crystals, or you will get hopelessly lost in the maze of connecting tunnels between the caverns! 
I wouldn't want you to become a snack for some young, unruly new Dragon who hasn't learned all the rules yet..."
With a wicked grin and toss of her hair, DragonRider begins to laugh and confirms she is only joking. But best to be on the safe side...

Use your pointer to see where each jewel will transport you. Then choose a jewel, and let it transport you to the Cavern of your choice. You may always choose any cavern, and the jade will always bring you back to the Reception Area.

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