to the
Katz Korner
Kat College Campus

We are pleased that you have chosen Kat College as your Institute of Higher Learning.
Our courses cover all aspects of the Feline Experience:
you will learn of the Kat's History and Evolution,
Kat Anatomy and Physiology,
Kat Breeds of the World (Wild and Domestic),
Routine and Emergency Care for your Kat,
and the
The world of Kat Registries, Clubs, and Shows.

From here you will want to go the various Campus Offices:
The Registrar's Office
The Registrar's Office houses the College Catalogue of Classes.
This will be your first stop whether you are a new or returning student.
From the Registrar's Office you choose and attend your course of study.
The Commencement Office
The Commencement Office houses the Graduation Requirements.
This will be your last stop when you complete your courses of study.
The Campus Library and Bookstore
The Campus Library houses the reference resources used in these courses.
The Bookstore allows you to purchase any fine feline book available.

The Dean's List
The Dean's List is the Honor Roll of Kat College's best and brightest students.
Please stop by and sign in as a Favored Student.
(Yes, this is the Site guestbook!)
The Alumni Club
The Alumni Club lists past Graduates of Kat College.
Each Graduate is listed along with the Degrees they earned.

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