Hello, my name is Pantera, and I am the Dean of Kat College.
Let me welcome you to my educational Kat site.
First of all, I wish to stress that Kat College is NOT a real College.
It is a personal site intended to give something of value to the web world.
I envision school reports made from its pages, cat owners learning to give emergency care to their beloved pets, or someone looking for a new pet being able to choose the cat breed best suited for their lifestyle. It is a reference site, to be returned to again and again as your information needs change. Along the way, I have tried to make it fun and interesting by making it into an interactive site based on the ultimate real life learning setting... a college.

There are two ways to use this site:
1) To read, find the information you need, and learn without getting into the spirit of the college theme.
2) To have fun and challenge yourself by registering to become a "student" and earning various "degrees".

To use this site strictly for informational purposes:
You will NOT be able to access the Final Exams and earn Diplomas.

To Register as a student and earn your degrees:
fill out and submit the following registration form.
This form will assign you a User Name and Password.
You will need the account in order to
access the Final Exams, earn your Diplomas, and join the Alumni Club.

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*The name you enter as your user name will be your login, the name used on your diplomas,
and the name listed on the Alumni Club pages.

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* To send you a confirmation letter (required)
**To create a link to your site on the Alumni Club pages (not required)

This site is to have fun while learning!
Enjoy your visit... and see ya around the campus! :)

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