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Below is the College Catalogue which contains descriptions of  the various Courses of Study available at Kat College.
Once you have decided on a Course of Study simply click on the Course name to enroll and be taken to that particular course's Syllabus.
 Study hard, complete a course, and then take a test at the Commencement Office.
Passing grades earn you a Diploma.

Course of Study: The Family of Felines
Diploma Earned: Master of Feline Genetics

: The Wild Cats Breed Dictionary
Course Description:
In depth look at the wild cats of the world. Each chapter covers habitat, range, hunting preferences, preferred prey, appearance, and additional notes as needed. Pictures should be included next semester. At present, they can be viewed at ..Kat Art/Cat Scenes.

BREEDS 101B: Domestic Cats Breed Dictionary
Course Description:
In depth look at the recognized breeds of the domestic cat. Each chapter covers temperament, appearance, breed history, and additional notes as needed. When you have completed this course, you will be able to choose, with confidence, the feline most suitable to your family, preferences, decor  and/or lifestyle. Pictures are included in each chapter.

Course of Study: Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma Earned: Master of Feline Biology


ANATOMY 130: Feline Anatomy and Physiology
Course Description:
In depth look at the various physical systems that make up and define the feline.

EVOLUTION 201: Development of the Feline Family
Course Description:
Tracing the history and development of the collective family of felines from pre-history through the centuries, we delve into the delicate evolution that shapes and defines our cats.

Course of Study: Basic and Emergency Kat Care
Diploma Earned: Feline Emergency Medical Technician

CARE 203A: Basic Care and Feeding Guidelines
Course Description:
Learn the rudimentary skills of feline stewardship including: necessary equipment, bringing your new cat/kitten home, basics of feeding, and basic care.

CARE 203B: Advanced/ Emergency Health Care
Course Description:
Learn advanced health care for your feline and what to do in emergency situations.

Course of Study: Showing Your Pedigreed Kat
Diploma Earned: Master of Feline Showmanship

SHOWS 311A: Basics of Showing your Cat
Course Description:
Learn the basics of showing your feline including: grooming, entering your cat, rudimentary judging techniques, navigating the show itself, and what is expected of you as an exhibitor.

SHOWS 311B: Breed Standards
Course Description:
Point standards used by the Cat Associations to judge your cat, with chapters arranged alphabetically by breed.

SHOWS 311C: Registries and Associations
Course Description:
The major Cat Registry Associations and Cat Clubs, with chapters arranged alphabetically by breed.

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