You once told me about your love of Scottie dogs,
 and how you collected them.
I thought, then, that you would enjoy this Scottie set that I created just for you on your Birthday.
I will leave this page here for you always,
and you can visit anytime you want a lift,
 and a reminder that I will always LOVE you!

We're having a Birthday Party!
(And what's a Party without some cake?)

And this cake won't make you fat!

And, of course, there are always Gifts!

Unwrap your Presents!
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This is a very special Birthday:
The last one you will have in this Millennium..
So I got you a Millennium Angel.

To Add to Your Angel Collection I have found the following Angel Adoptions:





There are three cornerstones to the Christian Faith:
 Faith, Hope, and Love.
Faith is the shield through which we can bear all things.
Hope is the knowledge of better things to come.
Love is the blessing we have in this life that makes it all worth while...
So these are three angels representing your faith!

Faith of the Ages

"The Peace Angel"

Mischievous Angel

These two Angels are from:

Your December Birthstone is Turquoise: The Magical Stone
From Egypt and Persia (Iran) to Tibet and the Americas, turquoise has been treasured for its beauty since prehistoric times. Hindus and Persians believed that one who observed the reflection of the moon on a turquoise was assured good luck, protection from evil and great wealth.

So Happy, Happy Birthday to You
From your feline Daughter.

I hope it is everything you want it to Be!

Love Forever and Ever,

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