Happy Millennial Mother's Day!
It comes around once every thousand years,
so enjoy it to the utmost!
Dukers and I got together to try to make this as special as the year it falls in...
Are ya ready for some fun?
Then let's jump right in to the good stuff...
I wrote you a short, but heartfelt poem :

Skinned up knees,
The birds and bees,
You raised me.

Teenage rants,
Poisonous plants,
You saved me.

Awkward and shy,
Talk to a guy,
You helped me.

Grown up woes,
Painting my toes,
You loved me.

Miles apart,
Yet heart-to-heart,
I love you!

A Special Edition Mother's Day Pixie for you:
From Enchanted Hollow!
She was adopted from Enchanted Hollow

And here is a guardian to watch over your page..

The min-pin's name is Briana;
Dukers fell in love with her, and insisted she be placed here.   :)

Here are some links to some Min-Pin sites
you might enjoy:
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Animal Crackers- MinPin Gifts
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Miniature Pinscher Clubs
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Who knows? Dukers may find a girlfriend :)

And, finally, a simple gift for you from me:

I hope your day is purrrrfectly wonderful!
Hugs and Purrs Always,


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Raven Tresses

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