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I am Pantera, also known as Joni Montgomery. I am 44 years old, and am presently living in Panama City, Florida. I have been writng poetry since first grade, when I composed my first poem:

He climbs the pole
With his can of paint,
He won't look down
Or he will faint.

Ummm, yeah, I know...*sigh* ...But it WAS a first ever attempt.
My personal style finally evolved in Junior High, when I became serious about writing as an outlet for my emotions. Most of my poetry is written in this personal, intense style, but I also try to branch out into other directions. I attempt rhymes, but generally don't like the constraint, preferring flow and imagery.

Florida is providing me with new fuel for my creative engine, with its white sugar sand beaches, and pine forests that house palm trees!!!
I have approached my pen once again, and will be adding new scribblings as they brew and erupt.

My poetry is not written per say, but bubbles and brews inside me. Phrases or images blend and build upon themselves, until the final form flows out smoothly onto the page. It is adjusted occasionally, and then left completely for a week. I then reread it to insure that the images and flow convey exactly what i envisioned during the brewing process.

I hope that you enjoy the fruits of this process.