Silver Moon judges Poetry Websites for quality, content and style, presenting awards in three categories:

The first category, Poetic Excellence, is awarded based solely on the quality, content and style of the poetry itself. Is it well written? Does it evoke emotions in the reader? Is it written from the soul or heart, and not strictly from the mind? Are there no spelling or grammatical errors that are not intentionally used? Does it paint pictures in the imagination of the reader? These are poems that are excellent in content and style. Approximately 30%-50% of poetry sites will fulfill Poetic Excellence.

The second category, Poetic Site Excellence, is awarded based on the quality, content and style of the poetry site as a whole experience. Beginning with Poetic Excellence as above, it continues to evaluate further. Is the site visually pleasing? Is the site well planned and laid out? Is it easy to navigate (this is a must!!)? Do the links work correctly? If there is sound does it interfere, or add, to the poetic experience? Can it be easily turned off by the visitor if necessary? Are there no spelling or grammatical errors site-wide? Approximately 5%-15% of poetry sites will fulfill Poetic Site Excellence.

The third category, Commercial Poetic Site Excellence, is awarded based on the quality, content and style of commercial poetry sites. These are sites that are not published solely for visitor enjoyment, but are commerce-based. This would be a poetry magazine site, or someone trying to sell their poetry in some way. This category utilizes all the above criteria for judging commercial sites. Approximately 30%-50% of commercial sites will fulfill Commercial Poetic Site Excellence.

Further criteria for the awards:
1.   No gratuitous profanity; it must be used sparingly, if at all, and be absolutely necessary if used.
2.   No blatant sexual content; romantic and passionate poetry should be subtle and tasteful.

To apply for a Silver Moon Excellence Award:

Send an e-mail to Pantera

Include your name, your e-mail address, the site name, and the site address. Double check these addresses! It is frustrating to find a wonderful site, and not be able to send the award; or not to be able to get to the site at all! Indicate the award(s) you would like to apply for. If another award is more appropriate to your site, you will be judged by its criteria.

Your site will be viewed and judged within two weeks. If you have won an award, you will receive an e-mail with our comments, and an attachment of the award to display on your site. Once added to your site, link the award graphic back to:

If you have not heard from Silver Moon in three weeks, you did NOT win an award. Do not reapply unless significant changes or additions have been made to your site.

Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!
Pantera of Silver Moon