Hello, and welcome to the Commencement Office.
Below are the final exams for the various Courses of Study you may complete at Kat College.
Once you have completed a Course of Study simply click on Final Exam underneath the course you have completed.
 Your exam will be graded, and passing grades earn you a Kat College Diploma that you may download and display with pride.
Good Luck on your Final Exams!

Course of Study: The Family of Felines
Diploma Earned: Master of Feline Genetics

Final Exam for The Family of Felines

Course of Study: Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma Earned: Master of Feline Biology


Final Exam for Anatomy and Physiology

Course of Study: Basic and Emergency Kat Care
Diploma Earned: Feline Emergency Technician

Final  Exam for Basic and Emergency Cat Care

Course of Study: Showing Your Pedigreed Kat
Diploma Earned: Master of Feline Showmanship

Final Exam for Showing Your Pedigreed Kat

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